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    • The ArkPak is just brilliant. No need for a generator buzzing away in the background. Our Ark runs our 65ltr Waceo, lights DVD player for the kids for days without having to charge it up. Can take it on day trips, out on the boat or camping being so portable makes it the perfect power solution.
    • I agree this Ark battery box is a good investment when you go camping, powered all our equipment no problems, if you love camping make sure you get one of these
    • My family and I used the Arkpak for 10 days of free camping and it worked flawlessly. We had 120 watt solar panels plugged into it from sunrise to sunset, plus an Engel 60ltr fridge, running 24 hours a day, plus phones, ipods, ipads, DVD Players and blowers to inflate mattresses, plus LED Lights at night. I know it’s a large outlay upfront but I can wholeheartedly recommend this unit, it was fantastic. Do yourself a favour and get onto it now
    • I finally get it. That's brilliant" – said my wife.
      We recently went for a five day camping trip and took the arkpak out of the car to sit next to our Engel 40ltr fridge in the campground. Not having to go back to the car for everything was great. I run a 100ah battery in it and it ran without any recharging from Wednesday night to Sunday night, and the display showed it still had 49% charge remaining. In short, it was fantastic

    ArkPak Portable Power Source

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    Place a 12V battery inside, and the ArkPak becomes a 12V battery charger, a portable power station, a battery management system and a dual-battery system all rolled into one - which can be re-charged in 4 ways, including DC-DC from your vehicle whilst you are on the move:

    • Built-in 6 amp, 7 stage smart charger
    • Built-in 150 watt inverter & 240V socket
    • 2 x 10 amp 12V accessory ports
    • 1 x 50 amp Anderson Plug
    • 1 x 5V USB Port
    • Isolator Switch
    • 2 x Protected external high current terminals
    • Time tracker technology with LCD Screen
    • Strong easy carry handle
    • Suits all 4 main battery types
    • Suits batteries up to 130ah in size

    Technical specifications:

    • Weight: 4.62kg
    • External dimensions: 240mm wide x 440mm long x 327mm high
    • Internal dimensons: 180mm wide x 330mm long x 238mm high
    • Accepts all main battery types: Gel, Calcium, AGM and Lead Acid
    • Accepts all battery sizes up to 130 amp hour
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