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    • The ArkPak is just brilliant. No need for a generator buzzing away in the background. Our Ark runs our 65ltr Waceo, lights DVD player for the kids for days without having to charge it up. Can take it on day trips, out on the boat or camping being so portable makes it the perfect power solution.
    • I agree this Ark battery box is a good investment when you go camping, powered all our equipment no problems, if you love camping make sure you get one of these
    • My family and I used the Arkpak for 10 days of free camping and it worked flawlessly. We had 120 watt solar panels plugged into it from sunrise to sunset, plus an Engel 60ltr fridge, running 24 hours a day, plus phones, ipods, ipads, DVD Players and blowers to inflate mattresses, plus LED Lights at night. I know it’s a large outlay upfront but I can wholeheartedly recommend this unit, it was fantastic. Do yourself a favour and get onto it now
    • I finally get it. That's brilliant" – said my wife.
      We recently went for a five day camping trip and took the arkpak out of the car to sit next to our Engel 40ltr fridge in the campground. Not having to go back to the car for everything was great. I run a 100ah battery in it and it ran without any recharging from Wednesday night to Sunday night, and the display showed it still had 49% charge remaining. In short, it was fantastic

    Australia's No.1 Outback Power Source

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    The ArkPak is a unique 12V and 110V Powerpack with a built-in 6 amp, 7 stage smart charger and time tracker battery management technology. It's the only Powerpack in the world with these features, that allows you to put your own choice of 12V battery into it (and replace it easily in seconds at any time) and the only Powerpack in the world that will take up to a massive 130 amp hour battery - potentially giving you DAYS OF CONTINUOUS POWER - not just a few hours ! In fact you can get up to 3 days of 110V power or up to 7 days of 12V power*.

    So whether you are camping, offroading, hunting or boating you'll have a continuous supply of silent power, 24 hours a day for days on end. With so much more freedom, you'll wonder how you ever coped without it.

    * Based on average use of a 40 litre fridge / 19” TV and a 130ah battery

    Key Features

      1. External high current terminals
      2. Battery isolator switch
      3. Interactive Time Tracker LCD screen
      4. Twin 12V sockets
      5. 50 amp Anderson plug
      6. 5V USB port
      7. 110V socket via the built-in 150W inverter
      8. Easy carry handles
      9. Built-in 6 amp 7 stage smart charger


    Suits all main battery types and all main battery sizes up to world beating 130 amp hours (Group 31 Size)

    For a closer look, click these diagrams to enlarge and clarify:

    Time Tracker Battery Management System

    Time Tracker is a highly intelligent and sophisticated battery management system that monitors your battery
    at all times. Through the interactive LCD screen it displays:     
    • Battery’s current condition
    • % of battery capacity remaining
    • No. of hours until fully charged
    • Stage of the charging cycle
    • Battery type selection
    • Battery size selection
    So you can relax and stay longer, knowing you have all the power you need.
    NOTE: The ArkPak will also store your previous battery settings so that they are still correct even if you remove the battery. 

    Dual Battery System Capability

    You can also charge your ArkPak directly from your vehicle and run appliances like your in-car fridge off it at the same time - giving you a portable, dual battery system at a fraction of the cost of a built-in one.

    This is especially useful these days as most modern 4WD vehicles do not have room under the hood for a second battery. Plus unlike other dual battery system chargers, you’ll get the full charge of the alternator to your battery
    at all times.

    The Smart Charging Cycle

    The ArkPak seven stage smart charger is based on an advanced software program that monitors your battery.
    The Smart Charger will select from the following cycles to optimise your battery’s performance.

    Stage 1: Charge

    Commences recovery of your battery back to peak voltage. Then charges the battery at 6 amps up to a set voltage, at which point the battery is approximately 90% charged.

    Stage 2: Testing

    Checks the battery capacity and predicts the hours left until fully charged.

    Stage 3: Bulk

    The period just before boost when the volts are constant.

    Stage 4: Boost

    Peak charge for maximum performance. Battery is charged for 4 hours at constant voltage.

    Stage 5: Resting

    Allows the battery to consolidate after boost. The ArkPak ceases charging and allows the battery to rest while allowing voltage to drop to 13.2V.

    Stage 6: Float

    This maintains performance and prolongs battery life – as your battery is continually monitored and the voltage is maintained at 13.2V by automatically adjusting charge current for 500 hours.

    Stage 7: Re-awaken

    This exercises the battery and avoids sulphation build-up. After 500 hours of conditioning the charger automatically returns to charge cycle.

    What it can power

    With the ArkPak you can power and recharge all your essential and nonessential 12V and 110V power devices, for up to 7 days on 12V power or up to 3 days on 110V power*

    Look what you can power and recharge with the ArkPak

    * Figures based on using a 130 amp hour deep cycle battery (Group 31) and (a) continual use of a 40 litre fridge/freezer(12V)
    in average conditions (b) continual use of a 19 inch LED TV (110V)

     How Long It Lasts

    How long your power source will last depends upon 4 things:
    1. What battery you have in it
    2. How fully charged it is
    3. What device(s) you are running off it
    4. The environment and weather conditions

    Here we have tried to give you an approximate idea as to how long you can run these common devices
    with a large, fully charged 130 ah deep cycle battery

    ArkPak charging guide


    On average, you can expect to get up to 7 days of 12V power and up to 3 days of continuous 120V power from a fully charged 130ah (Group 31) battery (based on running a 12V 40 litre fridge or a 19” LED TV). However in recent tests conducted by Ark, under stable conditions, a fully charged 130ah battery (Group 31) ran a 40 litre Fridge/Freezer for 11 days on 12V power

    Recharging your ArkPak

    There are 3 easy ways to recharge the 12V battery in your ArkPak

    110V Mains recharging:

    Simply plug your ArkPak into the mains power socket at home and Arkpak's built in charger will recharge most 12V batteries (up to 130ah / Group 31) overnight in 12-16 hours. Plus when you are not using it, leave your ArkPak plugged in so that the battery receives a constant charge and hence the full benefit of the 7 stage smart charger . This will maintain, condition and prolong the life of your 12V battery.

    In-Vehicle recharging:

    There are two ways you can recharge your ArkPak in your vehicle:

    (a) Simply by plugging it into the 12V socket in your vehicle, via the optional DC-DC car charger adaptor (sold separately) – giving you 6 amps of charge per driving hour.

    (b) Via the ArkPak’s built-in 50 amp Anderson Plug, giving you a potential 50amp charge per hour directly off your vehicle’s alternator.
    Solar Power recharging:

    You can recharge your ArkPak using all main types of solar panel (fixed & folding) simply by plugging the solar panel into either the Anderson Plug, or attaching it to the ArkPak’s external high current terminals. The bigger the solar panel, the higher the rate of charge your ArkPak will receive (up to 6 amps, dependent upon weather conditions).

    Environment Friendly

    As well as being technologically innovative and highly affordable, the ArkPak is
    also one of America’s most environmentally responsible portable power sources:

    •    Makes no noise (in Silent Mode)
    •    Uses no fuel
    •    Gives off no emissions
    •    Requires no maintenance
    •    Costs nothing to run
    •    Won’t lose you any friends!


    There are currently 2 ArkPak accessories available to compliment the ArkPak.

    Click the picture for more information on each accessory:

    DC-DC Car Charger Mounting Bracket
    ArkPak DC-DC charger ArkPak mounting bracket

    Need More Info?

    Check out the technical specifications and FAQ’s on the ArkPak: