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Place a 12V battery inside, and the ArkPak becomes a 12V battery charger, a portable power station, a battery management system and a dual-battery system all rolled into one - which can be re-charged in 4 ways, including DC-DC from your vehicle when you're on the move:

• Built-in 6 amp, 7 stage smart charger
• Built-in 150 watt inverter & 240V socket
• 2 x 10 amp 12V accessory ports
• 1 x 50 amp Anderson Plug
• 1 x 5V USB Port
• Isolator Switch
• 2 x Protected external high current terminals
• Time tracker technology with LCD Screen
• Strong carry handle


Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 10.2lbs (4.62kg)
  • External dimensions: 9.45" (240mm) wide x 17.32" (440mm) long x 12.87" (327mm) high
  • Internal dimensons: 7.08" (180mm) wide x 13" (330mm) long x 9.37" (238mm) high
  • Accepts all main battery types: Gel, Calcium, AGM and Lead Acid
  • Accepts all battery sizes up to 130 amp hour (approx' Group 31 size)


David W on norcalrovers.org -
“As you know, I have the ArkPak and I really like it. It is bigger, but I love the functionality and seems to work very well. I use it to power the ARB 50 quart fridge/freezer with no problems and works great for other devices. ”